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Slingshot Surfers Paradise

Queensland, Australia

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As You Take Your Seat In The SLING SHOT…
You Know This Is
NO ORDINARY Amusement Ride…

For You Are About To Be Catapulted Vertically At Over 160 Kilometres Per Hour. You Hear The Machinery Groaning As Over 40 Tonnes Of Energy Is Stored Into A Gigantic Box Called The Spring Machine.

As The Launch Capsule Tilts Back Placing You In A Reclined Position, You Sense It’s Almost Release Time.

Get in… Sit down… and
Hang On!

One of the Most Exhilarating Rides ever
2000+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews

Great for the adventurous

Kids loved it, they had a great time. Service was great even though they were very busy, Definitely worth the video so everyone else can get a laugh.

– Rachael K. | Tripadvisor
A must do while visiting Surfers

Exhilarating experience, very brief (1-2min) ride, felt quite safe and upgrade to get the video was certainly worthwhile. They also offer a nice discount for repeat rides.

– goony51 | Tripadvisor
Kids loved it

My 8yr old and 17 year old begged to go on and absolutely loved it, the staff were friendly . If you like the thrill and view this is good experience

– John L. | Tripadvisor
wow sling shot

Well we did it. Young at heart and any age as long as you can do heights. We loved it. Gets your adrenaline going. You just have to do it.

– Ruth | Tripadvisor

The sling shot is really amazing!!! The acceleration is great!!! It’s a 1 minute ride but it’s worth it! It’s very different from a skydive, an experience you will only have here! I recommend!

– Ana C. | Tripadvisor